About the Course

Seneca's Culture of Success

The Game Art and Animation program began eight years ago with the title 3D Gaming.  It taught a variety of different tools and skill sets and was enourmously successful in finding jobs and placements for the graduates of the program.  But with the advent of AAA consoles, the bar was raised and highly talented artisans were required by studios to craft the rich and expansive levels we see today in modern games.  As such, the program adapted, relaunching four years ago as Game Art and Animation, where we removed any element of programming, game making or development and focused strictly on the creation of AAA art assets and industry standard production pipelines.  The results have been amazingly successful and we've placed our grads in all the major studios including:

Our grads have grown into positions of leadership at several studios in Toronto and abroad, working on major title releases as modellers, production manages and art directors.

Our roster of instructors all hail from the gaming and real-time graphics industries and are all currently employed doing exactly what they teach out in the industry.  Although this pushes some of our classes to evenings and weekends, we're very proud to offer some of the most talented artists and professionals as part of our team.

Our program is constantly under development, monitoring industry trends and adapting curriculum to ensure that the latest tools and techniques are being taught in the class room as part of our curriculum.

  • Rockstar
  • Ubisoft
  • Digital Extremes
  • Bedlam Entertainment
  • KOEI Canada
  • Drinkbox Studios
    • Bioware
    • XMG Studios
    • Uken Studios
    • Red Jade
    • GameLoft

    Currently, our software includes 3D Studio Max, Zbrush and Photoshop as our primary asset creation tools and we deliver the technology on the UDK game engine platform.